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Terms & Conditions


Jobs are accepted by The Cotswold Film Company Ltd. at the price agreed and quoted in writing. Prices may vary due to supplier costs or subsequent client requirements. Any such additional costs will be advised as soon as they become apparent. The daily rate agreed is based on a working day which is up to 8 hours in duration, and this should include a one-hour lunch break. Twelve-hour rates (or longer) are negotiable.

Confirmation of a booking must be received in writing before any job takes place. The Cotswold Film Company Ltd. cannot accept responsibility for misunderstanding resulting from verbal / pencil bookings which are not followed up with a confirmation email or call sheet / shooting schedule.

Priority will be given to confirmed rather than pencil bookings.



All our projects require a 20% deposit upfront. This covers admin and initial production fees.

Production and editing invoices will be submitted for payment upon completion of work. and full payment to The Cotswold Film Company Ltd. is due within 21 days of receipt of the invoice.

Late payment may incur a monthly ‘statuary rate %’ fee & compensation fees as outlined in Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002’(SI 2002 No 1674)


Every effort will be made by The Cotswold Film Company Ltd. to be flexible and understanding in relation to the changing nature of production schedules, however, for advance bookings that have been confirmed in writing by the client, the following cancellation terms apply:

Cancellations within 24 hours of job start date – 100%-day rate charge applicable

Cancellations within 48 hours of job start date – 50%-day rate charge applicable

If the shoot cannot be re-scheduled, we will discuss cancellation policy and potential fees with the Client and try to arrange a fair and reasonable compromise. This may include a discount on another shoot.


The Cotswold Film Company Ltd. has public liability insurance cover to the value of £10,000,000.



Unless a buyout is agreed all media is owned and remains copyright of The Cotswold Film Company Ltd. By default, The Cotswold Film Company Ltd. grants the client an exclusive licence agreement for 24 months. The client purchasing our services will get full use of the material, however, will not be able to sell the footage or allow 3rd party companies to use material without The Cotswold Film Company Ltd.’s agreement.

Agreed Buyouts – We operate a buyout policy for usage rights at a minimum of 24 months. This is from the approved sign-off date of a project. If this needs to be increased then this can be arranged, however additional usage fees will apply. 3rd Party fees will not be covered by The Cotswold Film Company Ltd (inc. models and external production companies).

Any footage owned by the Cotswold Film Company that is used for commercial purposes such as TV advertising, may be subject to further licensing fees, and additional charges may apply. 

The Cotswold Film Company Ltd. reserve the right to migrate footage to our stock library.

Naturally we are proud of our work & reserve the right to include all media captured by The Cotswold Film Company Ltd. in our promotional materials for PR purposes. We reserve the right to charge any additional fee if our work cannot be used in our promotions. We also ask all third-party suppliers and clients to distribute a finished edit to us for our records & promotional purposes.



The Cotswold Film Company Ltd. will endeavour to appropriately advise clients where requested on camera, lighting and sound equipment and other matters relating to a shoot, but this guidance will not render The Cotswold Film Company Ltd. liable for (a) the suitability of the equipment for the shoot or (b) the overall success of the shoot.